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Come join us Sunday December 11th for a Party Showcase at Temple Har Shalom! Hop in the photo booth with your friends and chat with our attendants about YOUR event!

We hope to see you there!

Flipbooks Have Made A Comeback!

Did you know flip books were recognized as one of the earliest forms of what today is referred to as “interactive multimedia”? Flipbooks were first patented in the U.S. on May 16, 1882 by Henry Van Hovenbergh of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Early flip books consisted of simple drawings stacked in sequential stages of movement with a single staple binding. When the pages were flipped, they would create the optical illusion of motion.

Flipbooks were then popularized in the early 1900′s by the Cracker Jack Company who gave them away as free in-pack prizes. Other marketers soon followed suit, including manufacturers of breakfast cereals, bubble gum, cigarettes, automobiles and snack foods. The trend continued strong through the 1960′s. But unfortunately, that trend ended in the 1970′s as new technologies began to take the spotlight.

But now, flipbooks are back and better than ever! Go Festive offers the most engaging and entertaining flipbook experience. We’ve also created a process to make the design and production of flip books from live-action video footage easy and efficient. For an unforgettable moment, rent a Go Festive flipbook station now!

Birth of the Drive-In

Can you guess where the first outdoor movie theater was created? It was right in the backyard of Richard Hollingshead in Camden, New Jersey. Richard mounted a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his car; he used it to project onto a screen he nailed to trees in his backyard. He placed a radio behind the screen for sound, and then began to test his idea. Richard tested sound with the windows up, down and half way. He experimented with the various weather conditions; using his lawn sprinkler he replicated a rainstorm. Richard liked what he saw and heard. After receiving a patent for his idea, Richard opened the first drive-in theater in Airport Circle, New Jersey on June 6, 1933.

Since Drive-In Theaters were new to most people, drive-ins would host an “Open House” during the day to let people know what to expect. They would show the customers how to park, how the sound systems worked, and what food was available in the concession stands. A few theater owners even gave the customers the ability to order from their car and have a car hop deliver. This attracted a lot of customers to the drive-in movie.

Although most drive-in theaters have closed down since the 1990s, people have been experimenting with their own backyard theaters. Depending on the space available, it may simply be a temporary version with foldable screen, a projector and couple of speakers, or a permanent fixture with huge screens and dedicated audio set up in the back. Due to the outdoor nature, it is quite popular with BBQ parties and pool parties. Just like the crowds of the 1930’s through the 1950′s, it seems that a new generation has taken an old concept and discovered a new approach to outdoor movie theaters.

Let Fun Flicks help to host your next outdoor movie party. We bring the screen, projector and an awesome sound system! All you have to do is supply the movie. We even have old fashioned popcorn machines.

Busy, Busy October…

GO FESTIVE! was super busy in the month of October. Two of the major events we attended  were featured in Mid-Atlantic Events Magazine. If you’re not a subscriber of the magazine, you can read the articles by clicking here.  Flip over to pages 31 & 74 to check out the events we participated in. Maybe we will see you at the next event!

Best of the Main Line with Main Line Today

Last night Go Festive had the pleasure of being part of this amazing party at Drexelbrook. Over 80 exhibitors, who won Best of Awards from Main Line Today, joined us in this celebration to benefit Mommy’s Light, Women’s Resource Center and Home of the Sparrow. Everyone had a great time eating, drinking, and of course taking pictures in the photobooth! The venue was absolutely stunning, and a perfect fit for all of the guests who attended. We are proud to have been a sponsor of this event.

Best Main Line Set up

Posing with Pitures

Party Like a Rock Star!

And that is exactly what Go Festive did last night, at The Lofts at Valley Forge! The Lofts hired us to help promote their NEW fully furnished rentals. WMMR’s Jacky Bam Bam was the DJ and live music was provided by Holt 45. The food was awesome and the drinks were flowing. Guests enjoyed our photobooth, and even brought their dogs in for pictures! Residents also competed in a Rock Band competition on our HUGE 21’ foot screen, set up by the pool. The winner was even awarded with an iPad! It was a great night, and a wonderful opportunity to see the new lofts.

Jacky Bam Bam in Go Festive's Photobooth

Go Festive Fun Flicks 21' screen

Thrillist is thrilled with GO FESTIVE!

Our BATTLE BLAST Laser Tag service was recently featured in Thrilllist’s July 16th edition. Tagging our Laser Tag packages as “A local way to run ‘n’ gun”, the article features our most popular games, ideas for where to host a Laser Tag party, and live action snapshots!

Summer and fall are a great time to have an outdoor Laser Tag party! Of course, as noted by Thrillist, we can also host your Laser Tag party indoors! If you would like to know more about our BATTLE BLAST Laser Tag packages, please browse our website or call/email us for more information! We’d love to hear from you!

Have Fun!


GO FESTIVE! at Philadelphia Live Arts and Philly Fringe Festival

Well, all good things must come to an end they say…but GO FESTIVE! has been sailing right along from a spectacular summer into an AWESOME autumn! One of our first September events was the Philadelphia Live Arts and Philly Fringe Festival Bar Opening Night on September 4.

The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival supports and showcases local, national and international performing artists. The Philly Fringe presents independently mounted shows from regional artists. This year’s Festival kicked off on September 4th with an array of performances ranging from drama to comedy and improvisation. The Festival Bar is an important part of each year’s program, and this year GO FESTIVE! had the honor to sponsor a photo booth there for opening night!

The Festival Bar, located on the southwest corner of 5th and Fairmount Streets in Northern Liberties, is a post-show gathering place for artists, performers, show-goers and anyone else looking to have a good time. The bar itself is inside a converted warehouse and boasts a large dance floor and a bar that stretches on for days! There are also cozy little lounges to relax in, enjoy a drink, or have a tête-à-tête with some one special. The music is an eclectic but wonderfully danceable mix ranging from Kanye West to Daft Punk – sometimes both at once ! The Festival Bar is 21+ only, but there’s no cover charge to come enjoy a good time !!

Take a look at some of the photobooth pictures from our fabulous one night engagement at the Festival Bar below. And if you can, take a minute to check out this little gem of the Live Arts Festival ! If you or an organization you’re involved in is throwing an event, feel free to visit our main website or give us a call for fun ideas, fund raising tips, and more Festive Info!




GO FESTIVE! Photobooth a Big Hit at the Philadelphia Magazine Best of Philly 2009 Awards

On July 29, 2009 a special gathering took place at the Pennsylvania Academy for the Fine Arts building in downtown Philadelphia. Business owners from across the city got together to celebrate what they all had in common: being winners of Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly 2009 award. Hosted by Philadelphia Magazine, the party drew attendees from all types of business. Our friends from North Bowl were there to celebrate being named as a great place to have a good time, along with winners for such varied services as Best Tennis Instructor (Eric Riley), Best Car Wash (Park & Polish on South Broad) and Best Karaoke (Yakitori Boy).

Guests began filling the booth as they enjoyed the party. Meteorologist Adam Joseph from Channel 6 ABC stepped into the booth to smile for the camera, as did  many other guests and their friends.

Meteorologist Adam Joseph

Meteorologist Adam Joseph

Justin and Karina from Terra Mia Organic Nail Spa had a great time with us:

Justin and Karina from Terra Mia

Justin and Karina from Terra Mia

And Barry Eichner and friends of 3000BC.com also loved being in front of the camera:

Barry from 3000BC.com

Barry from 3000BC.com

We at GO FESTIVE! really enjoyed the entire experience. The venue was a perfect setting for a party, and it was wonderful to work with the folks at PAFA and Philadelphia Magazine.

To read more about the winners of this year’s Best of Philly Awards, visit the awards web page at: http://www.phillymag.com/home/display/best_of_philly_2009_highlights/. You can also take a look at all the pictures from this great party in our Event Gallery by clicking here. And to get information on having a GO FESTIVE! photobooth or flipbooks station at your next public or private gathering, be sure to visit our homepage.

Flashback: North Bowl League Party – June 4, 2009

Northbowl League Party!Another clip from North Bowl!June 4, 2009 was a great day for GO FESTIVE! Our friends at North Bowl in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia booked us to bring our flipbooks station to their annual league party. North Bowl, located at 909 North 2nd St., is a great local hotspot. Bowling lanes and a bar dominate the lower level, while upstairs there is a lounge with pool tables, pinball machines, another bar, and even a couple more lanes!

Oron, North Bowl’s owner, met the GO FESTIVE! team at the door and showed us upstairs to our corner of the party. That night we had four team members working – Kelsey, Christine, Chris and Ryan. We were in a prime location – right between the air hockey table and the bar! As the team began setting up, we kept an eye on the goings on around us. A buffet was being set up, and Oron graciously invited us to have a bite to eat once the party got rolling. North Bowl is well known for its tater-tot-centric menu and killer mac and cheese, so the whole team gladly accepted Oron’s offer.

Guests began to arrive around 8pm, right on time. The flipbooks camera was ready to go, and the first guest stepped up to make a flipbook. Filming seven seconds of video is sometimes harder than it sounds, especially when you’re not sure what you’re really doing! Our first flipbook maker re-filmed his clip a couple times before getting one he liked (he decided to dance to the music playing and take a big swig of his drink!). That’s the great thing about GO FESTIVE! flipbooks - the video clips are quick to film, so if you’re not happy with your clip after the first try, our staff is happy to give you a “do-over”! A couple minutes later and our first customer of the evening was holding his brand new flipbook and laughing over how great it was. He was soon showing his bowling buddies and the word began to spread.

Now, this gathering was for North Bowl’s various bowling leagues and teams, so there was quite a mix of people in attendance. Men, women, old, young, artists, mechanics - there was a great cross section of people and styles from this diverse neighborhood of Philadelphia. Watching buddies have mock fist fights and married couples dance together in front of the camera was truly a great time. One young man made a flipbook of himself devouring a piece of watermelon – it looked quite hilarious in slow motion, and even funnier if you flipped the flipbook backwards!!

A steady stream of revelers visited our flipbooks station throughout the night, not even stopping while Oron presented league awards. During brief lulls, our team members were able to enjoy heaping plates of tater tots and mac and cheese made with Goldfish crackers on top – yum! As the evening wound down there was a final rush of people to get a flipbook made. Kelsey, Christine, Chris and Ryan were working at a fast pace and handing out lots of business cards. Everyone seemed to want to have GO FESTIVE! for their next party.

At the end of the evening, Oron thanked us for coming and we all agreed that the evening was a complete success. All the guests got to eat their fill, hear some great music, eat some delicious food and drink some tasty beverages – and most importantly for us – make a flipbook or two! We hope to do more events in the future with North Bowl, and we hope that you’ll be able to come and join us there!!

Here are a couple video clips from our great night at North Bowl. Take a look, you could be behind the camera next!

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[local /wp-content/uploads/2009/07/005.wmv]